Lemon zaatar potatoes are crispy, soft on the outside, and oozing with flavor. Take your roasted potatoes to the next level with a clever technique that infuses them with lemon.

Roasted potatoes are a work of art. They taste perfect when baked till crisp, creamy on the inside, well-seasoned, and finished with a kick of acid. This is why you’ll always make these lemon za’atar potatoes.

These potatoes make a delightful, starchy side dish for a low-key supper or your next holiday spread. Although it’s not required, you can add crumbled feta and fresh dill.

For this recipe, go for a waxy potato like Yukon Gold, but you can substitute russets in their place. They’re just a little bit starchier.

Oven-Roasted Technique Potatoes

Adding a little water to the sheet pan before roasting the potatoes in the oven is one of the best methods. The water in the pan begins to evaporate as soon as it is placed in the oven, producing steam. Potatoes with creamy, delicate interiors are the result.

Combine water with fresh lemon juice in this recipe to add bright, acidic flavor and some steam to the mix. Sure, you could squeeze some lemon juice over your finished roasted potatoes before serving, but this way, the lemon flavor permeates the entire potato.

Ingredients For Lemon Zaatar Potatoes

3 pounds or about 4-inch potato( Yukon Gold)
Olive oil, 1/2 cup
1 tbsp kosher salt , as per taste
freshly squeezed lemon juice, half a cup (from about 3 lemons)
50 ml or 1/2 cup of cold water
1 tablespoon of the spice mixture za’atar, plus extra for garnish
1/2 cup of feta crumbles, for serving (optional)
Fresh dill, cut into 1/3 cup, for serving (optional)


  1. Set the oven’s temperature to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Each potato should be divided into two equal halves. For 8 (about 2-inch) pieces each potato, slice once more in the other way.
  3. Toss the potatoes in the olive oil and kosher salt on a rimmed half-sheet pan. Place the potatoes cut-side down in a single layer.
  4. Combined the lemon juice and water in a measuring cup or small bowl. Pour on top of the potatoes in the baking sheet. About 30 minutes into roasting the potatoes, most (but not all) of the liquid should have evaporated.
  5. After removing the skillet from the oven, sprinkle za’atar over the potatoes and stir to combine.
  6. Another 20 to 30 minutes of roasting will get the potatoes to a deep golden brown and evaporate all the moisture. Until the potatoes are soft to the touch and both sides are golden brown, check on them every ten minutes and flip them.
  7. Check the seasoning and add additional salt if necessary. Add extra dill, feta, and z’atar as a garnish (if using). Serve right away.For up to three days, leftovers can be stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container.



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