Watermelon granita is a light and satiating cool, refreshing delight. It tastes light, bright, and fresh and is sweet without being overly overpowering. The perfect way to enjoy watermelon, a favorite summer fruit, is to freeze it into a straightforward dessert.

A watermelon granita is a great mid-afternoon chill treat. It is the ideal way to cap a barbeque or cookout meal, and we might even use it as the base for a frozen cocktail. Although it’s kid-friendly, it’s also elegant enough to serve at a dinner party.


Consider granitas to be slightly more frosty than sorbet and popsicles in texture. It is a frozen delicacy made from fruit juice or purée, and by forking the mixture as it freezes we achieve its fluffy texture. The hourly scraping creates volume and texture.

What is a Watermelon Granita made of?

We use freshly puréed watermelon, lemon juice, and honey to make this granita. We also use honey in pace of sugar as honey does not freeze. This indicates that this granita will freeze less solidly than a typical granita. The lemon juice provides a slight acidity to counteract the honey’s sweetness, elevating it to dessert-like quality.


  • 4 cups diced  watermelon
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 1/2 cup honey


  1. Start by combining the ingredients. You will need Watermelon, honey, and lemon juice. Add them in a blender. Blend the watermelon on low until it is completely chopped up. In a powerful blender, this will take around five seconds, but in a regular blender, it would take fifteen.
  2. Put the mixture in an uncovered 9×9 baking dish and freeze.
  3. Scrape the mixture using a fork’s tines. Only the edges will be frozen at this time. Refreeze the granita.
  4. With a fork tine, scrape through the granita once more after removing it from the freezer. By this time, much of the mixture ought to have frozen. These outer portions will contain several crystals of all sizes and an overall texture similar to a thick slushie. Refreeze the granita.
  5. Scrape the granita after a third hour. The mixture  should be mostly frozen by this point, so your effort will mainly consist of fluffing it up with a fork.
  6. The granita is supposed to be edible after four hours in the freezer. It will have a fluffy appearance, be more solid than liquid, and be thicker than a slushie. Although it will continue to have crystals of various sizes, the overall appearance will be constant. With a fork, give it one last fluffing or scraping before serving.

How to Store

Since we use honey, this granita will give you the luxury of leftovers, which doesn’t freeze as well as granulated sugar does. Most granitas must be consumed right away to avoid overfreezing.

Any leftovers should be kept in a container with a tight lid in your freezer. Use a fork to puff it back up when you’re ready to eat it once more. It can be kept in the freezer for approximately a month before it starts to form unwelcome amounts of ice crystals.

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